Workshop: Research Data Management II

Research Data Management and Project Management with git and GitLab


Keep track of your files, keep track of your work.
The version control software git is widely used in software development to manage source code and other text files.
Git repositories are organized via web-based platforms like GitLab, which offer project management features, automation capabilities, and access management.
In combination, git and GitLab can be used in many steps of the research process, from managing simulation code to keeping track of physical samples and their associated measurements.


This hands-on workshop offers an introduction to the following topics:

  • Basic version control with git
  • Organizing collaborative work using GitLab
  • Practical examples for automated integrity checks of research data


When: Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Start: 10:00

Duration: 4 h

Room: MG 272

Participants: max. 30 persons

Please bring your own laptop for the hands-on training.


Registration: Please send an e-mail to