At the IfS, sixteen professors and more than 50 researchers work on a wide range of topics and research questions. Five clusters of research can be identified. A first cluster focusses on Work, Organization and Social Integration. A second cluster deals with Social Inequality, Life Patterns and Gender. A third research cluster follows the perspective of Comparative and Transnational Sociology. The development of Advanced Methods in Sociology forms a fourth cluster of research activities. A fifth research cluster deals with the development of Social Theory.

The IfS research community maintains a lively exchange and a variety of joint academic activities. Currently, several projects form a research cluster on „Crossborder Labor Markets“ which aims to contribute to a better understanding of the transnationalisation of labor markets. Three dimensions are investigated: cross-border mobility of workers, transnationalisation of places of production and work, and transnational mobility of work activities. This research forms part of the interdisciplinary Strategic Research Area “Change in Contemporary Societies” at the University of Duisburg-Essen.
Research at the IfS is characterized by a strong empirical orientation and a particular focus on international comparison, including societies beyond Europe. Methodologically, projects use quantitative as well as qualitative approaches; many projects employ a life course perspective and multi-level analysis. Detailed information on current and completed research at the IfS is available here.

Research clusters at the Institute of Sociology

  • Work, Organisation and Social Integration
  • Social Inequality, Life Patterns and Gender
  • Comparative and Transnational Sociology
  • Advanced Methods in Empirical Sociology
  • Social Theory