This chair is being shut down and therefore no longer offers new thesis positions!

Workflow & Topics


​We regularly supervise bachelor and master theses in all our research areas. If you are also interested in writing your thesis with us, the following procedure and rules must be followed:

(1) Select Topic
Within the scope of our research, we offer various interesting topics that you can work on. On the pages of the team members you will find a list of available topics. On the respective page you will also find an indication of when a supervision of the topic is possible. Ealier supervision is not possible!
Alternatively, you can suggest a topic of your own, which fits to a research area of the team members. The suggested topics can serve as inspiration. The topic must have a scientific component. Please understand that we can only supervise topics that also correspond to our own research fields. Usually, we do not supervise any thesis from the industry.

(2) Contact Supervisor
If you are interested in a topic, you can contact the corresponding staff member. Your request must include the following information:

  • Transcript of records: This must contain the reference that the requirements for the registration of the thesis are fulfilled. Unfortunately, we cannot process your request without this reference.
  • The topic you would like to work on. Please note the requirements for the respective topic.
  • For your own topic, please attach an abstract. Also indicate which research area of the team member this topic meets.

We assume that you will choose a specific topic that meets your personal interests. Therefore, please decide on exactly one team member from our group whom you would like to contact. Parallel inquiries with several members are not possible and will not be considered.

(3) Determine Topic
The supervisor will contact you to clarify the further procedure and any questions in advance. You will then determine the topic for your thesis. From the time the topic is set, you have two weeks to summarize the topic in your own words and briefly explain how you intend to work on the topic.

(4) Submit summary
Please send the summary to the supervisor in time. If the abstract is not submitted on time or misses the topic completely, further supervision will not be possible.
Based on the summary, you will subsequently prepare an exposé within four weeks, which should contain the following elements:

  • A detailed description of the topic
  • A list of possible literature, you plan to consider in your thesis
  • A schedule for your writing time

For the creation of the exposé our LaTeX template must be used. In it you will find additional hints about the necessary contents. The aim of the exposé is that you are familiar with the topic before the thesis is registered. At the same time we can make sure that there is a common understanding of the topic.

(5) Submit Exposé
Please send your exposé to the supervisor in time, otherwise no further supervision is possible. Afterwards, you will receive feedback on your exposé, which you have to incorporate. The exposé will be checked again before the work can be registered. If the quality is not sufficient, the work cannot be registered.

(6) Register Thesis
After the exposé has been approved, the thesis can be officially registered at the examination office. The registration is done electronically by us at the examination office. You have the possibility to suggest a second examiner, who will be contacted by us. From the date of registration, the writing time of 3 months (Bachelor) or 6 months (Master) begins. The exact deadline will be communicated to you by the examination office.
During the processing period, we suggest regular meetings with your supervisor to discuss your current status. However, it is your responsibility to make use of this offer.

(7) Submit Thesis
At the end of the writing time, you hand in your work to the examination office. Please  follow the instructions for your respective course of study. Submission by e-mail to your supervisor is not sufficient!


As part of your thesis, we expect two presentations to the working group:

  1. At the beginning, you will present your topic and explain how you intend to work on it. With our feedback, we would like to support you and provide additional ideas.
  2. After submitting your work, you will present your results. In this context, we would like to clarify any open questions and discuss possible future research directions.

Please prepare slides for your presentation and provide them as a *.pdf file. Please also make sure that the figures you integrate are clearly readable.

The amount of time for the presentation depends on the degree you are pursuing:

  • Bachelor: 15 minutes presentation + 10 minutes questions
  • Master: 20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes questions