To write a thesis in our working group, contact us only using the email address "‚Äč". The email should contain the topic or the selected research field. Additionally, you have to attach your peformance record (Notenspiegel) containing the entry "Voraussetzungen zur Anmeldung der (Bachelor|Master)arbeit sind erfüllt.".

If you want to write a thesis in our working group, you have to consider the following points:

  • We only supervise theses of students who have attended at least one course of our working group.
  • Before registration, an exposé must be written. The exposé must contain the topic, an abstract of the thesis, the scientific questions to be answered, your procedure to answer the questions, and important literature. We will not register a thesis if the exposé is of poor quality. The exposé helps you to get a basic understanding of the thesis topic.
  • Thesis and exposé must be written in LaTeX using our LaTeX template.
  • You have to use our subversion repository for document management. We will provide you an account.
  • We expect at least two presentations: one at the beginning and one at the end of the thesis time.
  • We assume, that you work on the thesis like on a full-time-job.
  • To support you in your work, we suggest regular meetings to discuss the exposé and later the results of the thesis. It is your responsibility to make use of this opportunity.
  • Planned holidays, exams, etc. must be announced before registration.