Muster- und Komponentenbasierte Softwareentwicklung

Lecturer Prof. Dr. Maritta Heisel
Marvin Wagner, M.Sc.
Type Hybrid
Moodle Course Muster- und Komponentenbasierte Softwareentwicklung
Overview The lecture covers pattern-based and component-based software development. Both approaches make use of existing knowledge or already existing software.

Contents in detail:

  • Definition of patterns
  • Use of patterns during the software development process
  • Patterns for the different phases (analysis: problem frames, analysis patterns; design: architectural patterns, design patterns; implementation: idioms)
  • Component definition
  • Different component models (e.g. Enterpise Java Beans, Corba Component Model, .NET)
  • Specification of component interfaces
  • Proof of interoperability of components
  • Component-based development process
  • Combination of patterns and components in an integrated development process
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