CoRE - Center of Rotating Equipment

Center of Rotating Equipment, Siemens Energy, Universität Duisburg-Essen

What is CoRE?

CoRE is the abbreviation for Center of Rotating Equipment

With CoRE, the University of Duisburg-Essen and Siemens Energy are setting up
a unique research and training centre in which employees and customers,
as well as students of an excellence program, can be trained as well as state of the art research can be done.

As part of a product-training programme, students and Siemens employees can practise commissioning and maintaining steam turbines, generators and turbo compressors.
For example, a 100 MW steam turbine for cold commissioning at Siemens Energy as well as a radial compressor for hot commissioning at the University is available to the trainees.

In addition to various machines, the hall also has a training and control centre, where you can experience the power plant feeling.

One primary focus of CoRE is the promotion of cooperation and knowledge exchange
between university and industry.

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Center of Rotating Equipment, Siemens Energy, Universität Duisburg-Essen

21.07.2022 Rector Visits Chair of Turbomachinery

Less than a month after the opening of the CoRE Training Centre, the rector of our university visited our chair.

During a guided tour of our premises and our laboratory, she was able to get an impression of our research and teaching. Among other things, she got to know our control technology and looked at compressors in operation.

22.06.2022 Ceremonial Opening of the Training Centre

On June 22, we opened the new building of the Training Centre CoRE.

With CoRE,  the Chair of Turbomachinery at the University of Duisburg-Essen and Siemens Energy have set up a globally unique research, education and training centre for turbomachinery.

Our colleagues from the University of Duisburg-Essen met at the new training centre together with our rector Prof. Barbara Albert and our partners from Siemens Energy.

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22.05.2021 CoRE Update: Siemens Energy Launches its Program for Excellent International Students

Applications for the international master's program in turbomachinery are currently open. With CoRE, the University of Duisburg-Essen and Siemens Energy are setting up a unique research and training centre in which employees and customers, as well as students of the excellence program, will be trained.

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17.12.2020 CoRE Building: Public-Private-Partnership

A new building was built on the Duisburg premises of Siemens Energy.

The chair’s laboratory is also being equipped with the latest control system. The on-site research possibilities are intended to advance the flexibility and efficiency of turbomachinery and to pass on the findings to industry.

This research will be of particular importance given the background of the energy transition which has to be executed in the following years.

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Interviews with CoRE Participants

Bruno Langela

Program Initiator at Siemens Energy

In 3 Sentences: What is CoRE?

CoRE is the integration of research, teaching, and product training for turbomachinery with a close connection between science and industry. The proximity between the university and Siemens Energy facilitates diverse opportunities in this collaboration.

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Dennis Pohlmann


How did you become aware of the program?

I started my dual studies at the former Siemens AG in Duisburg (now Siemens Energy) in 2017, actively witnessing the establishment of the training center (CoRe) there. After completing my bachelor's degree, I became aware of the collaboration program between Siemens Energy and UDE during my master's studies through discussions with those responsible at CoRe in Duisburg.

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Jana Schulte-Loh


What do you like the most?

Describe your best/most interesting experience. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to work on the machines in the training center. It's a completely different feeling than just observing machines during a factory tour or calculating machine designs in the office. Additionally, I had the chance to interact with training participants from around the world and make connections. Finally, I was already allowed to work on construction sites during the processing of my master's thesis.

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