Hornberger group - Members

Group Members

name position phone ext. room nr email
Sabine Christ Office Manager


MG 482 sabine.christ@uni-due.de
Klaus Hornberger Professor 94750 MG 483 klaus.hornberger@uni-due.de
Fynn Köller Master student 94776 MG 486 fynn.koeller@stud.uni-due.de
Henning Rudolph PhD student 91933 MG 486 henning.rudolph@stud.uni-due.de
Jonas Schäfer PhD student 94754 MG 486 jonas.schaefer@stud.uni-due.de
Paul Schoppmann Bachelor student 94755 MG 489 paul.schoppmann@stud.uni-due.de
Malte Schubert Master student (external) 94755 MG 489 malte.schubert@stud.uni-due.de
Eric van den Bosch Master student 94752 MG 484 eric.van-den-bosch@stud.uni-due.de

 To phone us dial +49 (0)203 37-ext

Former group members

(excluding Bachelor students)

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