Hornberger group - Open positions

Open Positions

There are currently no dedicated PhD or postdoc positions available, but you can always ask.

PhD positions

If you are excited about doing research in the field of molecular quantum optics, nanoscale quantum mechanics, or open quantum systems, please send a cover letter, preferably by email, to Klaus Hornberger with the usual documents attached (including a CV with year of birth, grades, the topic of your master or diploma thesis, contact details of thesis adviser), and a link to an electronic version of your master thesis (preferably in English, French, or German).

Please note: Our PhD program consists of pure research work over a period of 3 years, and it does not require attendance of any courses. It is therefore important that candidates have already proven their ability to do research by having written a substantial diploma/master thesis (or by currently writing a thesis) covering at least one year of research in theoretical physics.

Postdoc positions

If you are excited by the general direction of our research topics, have just finished your Ph.D. (or will be graduating soon), and are interested in joining our team, please write with the usual documents (including a CV with year of birth, grades, publication list, contact details of your PhD thesis adviser, and a link to an electronic version of your PhD thesis) to Klaus Hornberger.

Life in Duisburg and the Rhine-Ruhr area

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