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The aim of FIS is to support the transfer of knowledge between research and practice. With this in mind, FIS provides valuable assistance in advising politicians, administrators and economists by documenting the current state of knowledge in a fact-oriented manner. To this end, the knowledge base in the information system is always prepared in a timely manner. FIS is easy to access, application-oriented and structured to address concrete issues. The central tasks of the FIS are the evaluation and processing of current research knowledge in the areas of mobility and transport relevant to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure, and the user-friendly presentation of the subject areas, so that interrelationships become visible and complexities understandable. 
The basis for the contents of the FIS is formed by a large number of research papers from the departments of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure as well as from the national and international research environment. These are selected and evaluated by the scientific institutes. Particularly important work is also described and evaluated in summary reviews. The scientific findings on specific topics are discussed in synthesis reports and their interconnections are graphically presented in an intuitively understandable way by means of knowledge maps. The contents of the FIS are independent of the opinion of the BMVI. Through the category of knowledge maps, the FIS offers the user a context-oriented communication of knowledge, which provides a quick overview of the sometimes complex partial aspects of a topic.
Quick and targeted access to articles in the FIS on a specific topic is provided by the extensive index of outlines, which is always available on the left-hand side of the screen when navigating through the content. In addition, of course, a free keyword search with automatic search word suggestions is also offered. Central research reports or publications are offered to the user for download if possible. Furthermore, the FIS offers information on corporate bodies, legal provisions, statistics and technical terms in order to provide the user with comprehensive information. Currently, the FIS contains about 260 knowledge maps, 2900 synthesis reports, 10000 publications and more than 180 reviews. 
Renowned research institutions, mostly university institutes for transport, economics and urban planning, evaluate the relevant knowledge sources and prepare the presentation. Each institution works on a specific subject area and ensures that research reports, dissertations, technical papers or press reports, for example, are prepared in an application-oriented manner. The selection of topics is not made by the scientific community alone, but is also stimulated by concrete questions posed by users from politics and public administration. For this purpose, the FIS has a powerful commenting system.

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