About the Urban Innovation Forum

The future is urban: cities are home to the majority of the world's population and they are the centres of business, culture, education and innovation. At the same time, they largely contribute to climate change, consume the majority of the planet's resources, are social hotspots, paint pictures of social contrasts and tell stories of progress and downfall.

In order to shape a sustainable urban future, cities must change. What images of the future are we creating for this? How do we (re)build cities? How do the most diverse forces work together for an urban future? Which paths lead to new solutions in liveable cities? How can the necessary creativity be unfolded? Is an urban future only possible in the city?

The Urban Innovation Forum (UIF) is a new platform that brings together people from different areas of expertise and life to discuss the urban future and make innovation a concrete reality. It stands for diverse perspectives and experiences and the inspirations of its guests.