Urban Systems Group

In the expansion of the working and organisational structures of the JUS, special attention is paid to the university-internal networking of participating academics from different disciplines. The focus is not only on professors, but also on the networking of junior researchers. The Urban Systems Group is an exchange platform for interested young researchers who work on sustainable urban development from different perspectives at the Joint Centre Urban Systems (JUS). The interdisciplinary cooperation is intended to create new synergies between different fields of research and to initiate mutual feedback, joint publications, initiatives and research proposals.  

Interested in joining the "Urban Systems Group"? The group meets once a month (currently online) and is open to new researchers working on issues in the broad field of urban spaces and systems. If you are interested, please contact the JUS coordination office:

Klaus Krumme klaus.krumme@uni-due.de

Ira Freude ira.freude@uni-due.de

Anna Eggert

Department of Environmental Engineering (DTU Environment) at Technical University of Copenhagen



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Ruben Franz

Chair of Information Systems and Strategic IT Management


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Adnan Habibipourzare

Nawwar Harfoush

Joint Centre Urban Systems (JUS)


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Christian Karl

Chair of Technology and Didactics of Technology


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Klaus Krumme

Joint Centre Urban Systems (JUS)


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Bettina Pahlen

Joint Centre Urban Systems (JUS)


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Julia Reinermann

Chair of Environmental Sciences


Anna Renner

Judith Schröder

Institute for Urban Public Health (InUPH)


Julita Skodra

Institute for Urban Public Health (InUPH)