Curriculum Vitae

Klaus Krumme is the Executive Director of the Joint Centre Urban Systems (JUS) at the University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) since 2019 and Board Member since 2008. Between 2006 and 2019, he was Executive Director of the University's Centre for Logistics & Traffic (ZLV). He is co-founder of the Sustainable Development Group (SuDeGroup) at the University of Duisburg-Essen (2004). Klaus is an interdisciplinary scholar, graduated in Environmental Sciences / Integrated Studies in Ecology as well as in Geography, Biology and Educational Science (University of Essen, Ruhr University Bochum). He completed his dissertation in Geography on the topic of "Sustainable Urban-Industrial Supply Systems" with reference to transdisciplinary sustainability science. Research activities concentrate on transdisciplinary sustainability strategies/ knowledge based sustainable development frameworks with a focus on Resilience Design, Social-Ecological-Technological Systems (SETS) in smart sustainable cities/regions, sustainable urban-industrial supply systems under climate change as well as supply chains/ metabolisms of the green, circular and urban economy.

Klaus is member of the German Committee for Sustainability Research (DKN) Network “Future Earth” (Co-initiator of the DFG funded “Urban Sustainability Transformations” working group, 2017-2019), Co-speaker of the “resilient infrastructures” research field (Competence Field Metropolitan Research (KoMet) of the University Alliance Ruhr, 2017 onwards) and belonged to the “Morgenstadt" expert group at the BMBF (2010). Klaus has (co-)directed different sustainability-oriented projects, a.o.: Learning Bioregion Meru/ Program for Academic Cooperation and Transfer (PACT), Germany-Kenya (2002-2006, UNEP, GIZ, DAAD); Climate Initiative Essen (BMBF competition Energy efficient City, 2009-2015); EfficiencyCluster LogisticsRuhr (BMBF leading-edge cluster competition, 2010-2015); EU Regions of Knowledge, “Log4Green” (2011-2014); Innovative Logistics for Sustainable Lifestyles (ILoNa) (BMBF, 2015-2018); Integrated Regional Climate Lab North Jakarta and Port (JaC-Lab) (BMBF, 2019-2021); Competence Net Urban-Industrial Supply (CONUS) (EFRE NRW.Regio, 2019-2022). 

Contact Details:

Room WST-C.03.04
Berliner Platz 8
45127 Essen
+49 201 183-6296

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