"UDE on a HyMission"

The next meeting of the H2 Consortium of the University of Duisburg-Essen is coming up!
Our regular exchange format, where H2 updates are shared and cooperative projects are planned, once again offers an opportunity to jointly advance hydrogen research.

On January 30, 2024 at 11 a.m. in the NETZ building (room 2.42), three keynote speeches followed by a discussion await us:

  • "Hydrogen embrittlement in metallic materials: a perspective on tribological properties"
    (Dr. Morteza Abedini)
  • "Nitrogen Plasma Treatment of Metallic Substrates for H2 generation"
    (Dr. Nicolas Wöhrl)
  • "(Instantaneous) active power provision from hydrogen-based storage systems for system control in the electrical energy supply system with 100% RE"
    (Prof. Dr. Hendrik Vennegeerts)

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New event series "UDE on HyMission"

The H2 consortium of the University of Duisburg-Essen meets regularly (about every three months) to exchange H2 updates and to form and pursue ideas for cooperative projects. Discussed and debated are updates on already initiated/ ongoing projects, new project ideas, and addressing current hydrogen challenges.

The first exchange meeting took place on March 15, 2023 at 10:30 am to 12 pm in the NETZ building (room 2.42). To start, two keynote presentations followed by a discussion awaited us:

•  "Safety aspects of hydrogen venting into the atmosphere" (Dr.-Ing. Irenäus Wlokas)

• "Sensor technology in H2 filling station environments" (Alexander Kvasnicka)

Past event - June 20, 2022Network Workshop "Hydrogen & Co“

Hydrogen is one of the central topics of the future - research on this topic is also being carried out at the UDE. After the successful information event on the topic of "Hydrogen & Co." in January, the joint work was deepened on 20.06.2022 in Presence (NETZ building) - organized by the network around the Technology and Innovation Center Hydrogen Technologies (TIW), the faculty focus Energy and Resource Engineering, the Center for Nanointegration Duisburg-Essen (CENIDE), the research coordination of the Faculty of Engineering and other institutions of the UDE. The aim of this event was for researchers and/or interested parties from the entire UDE in the field of hydrogen to get to know each other better and to network interdisciplinarily in order to discuss promising topics as well as joint cooperation approaches. In addition to hydrogen storage and transport, topics at the workshop included automation, safety, AI deployment, mobility, and energy economics.

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Regular eventWorking Meeting Energy and Resource Engineering

The working meetings of the Energy and Resource Engineering (ERE) faculty focus are to establish a starting point in research coordination. The purpose of the meetings is to bring together the members of the ERE focus and to exchange ideas among them on current research topics. The following proposals of the professors for joint research were discussed:

    Reliability in the future system of (electric) power supply.
    Integrated energy conversion and supply of quarters (e.g. by energy management)
    New energy carriers (H2, NH3, metals)
    Toxins in the environment and in production

Several current programs will be discussed. Among them the 7th BMBF energy research program with the real laboratories of the energy transition, the NRW state programs and REVIER.GESTALTEN as well as the expansion of transdisciplinary energy research within the competence field "Energy - System - Transformation" of the University Alliance Ruhr are on the agenda.

Past event - January 17, 2022Online information and discussion event on the Hydrogen Technology and Innovation Center (TIW)

The world is changing. The energy transition poses major challenges for all areas of society. Universities play an important role here in driving forward future-oriented developments and training experts of the new generation. The buzzword "hydrogen" is often used synonymously for this change. Due to the tradition of the Ruhr area in the fields of "materials" and "energy", the UDE - together with a widespread network of partners and especially the affiliated institute ZBT - can make important contributions. Anchoring the UDE in this thematic field offers a great opportunity.

The aim of this event was to bring together researchers from the UDE in order to make known already existing and just starting initiatives in the context of "hydrogen" and to promote new cooperations.

Program: on the right side

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