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  • Harmening, Jan Hauke; Peitzmann, Franz-Josef; el Moctar, Ould
    Effect of network architecture on physics-informed deep learning of the Reynolds-averaged turbulent flow field around cylinders without training data
    In: Frontiers in Physics Vol. 12 (2024) 1385381
  • Wende, Heiko; Lill, Johanna
    Wie man den Atomen beim Schwingen zusieht : Coole Atome elementspezifisch untersucht
    In: Unikate: Berichte aus Forschung und Lehre (2024) Nr. 60: Magnete als Klimaretter : Materialien für eine emissionsfreie Zukunft, pp. 56 - 61
  • Smekhova, A.; Szyjka, Th; La Torre, E.; Ollefs, Katharina; Eggert, Benedikt; Cöster, B.; Wilhelm, F.; Bali, R.; Lindner, J.; Rogalev, A.; Többens, D.; Weschke, E.; Luo, C.; Chen, K.; Radu, F.; Schmitz-Antoniak, Carolin; Wende, Heiko
    Irradiation-induced enhancement of Fe and Al magnetic polarizations in Fe₆₀Al₄₀ films
    In: New Journal of Physics (NJP) Vol. 26 (2024) Nr. 2, 023036
  • Hirt, Sebastian Daniel; Opitz, Martin; Kappl, Herbert; Hägele, Mareike; Sous, Pascal; Oberschachtsiek, Bernd; Sörgel, Seniz; Kaßner, Holger; Hoster, Harry
    Attenuating the Polysulfide Shuttle Mechanism by Separator Coating
    In: ChemPhysChem (2024) e202300858 in press
  • Eigemann, Jonas; Beck, Christian; Kempf, Andreas Markus
    A Method to Dampen Acoustic Waves in Compressible Reactive Flow Simulations
    In: Flow, Turbulence and Combustion (2024) in press
  • Pohl, Erik; Geldermann, Jutta
    Selection of multi-criteria energy efficiency and emission abatement portfolios in container terminals
    In: European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR) Vol. 316 (2024) Nr. 1, pp. 386 - 395
  • Jiang, Changqing; el Moctar, Bettar Ould; Zhang, Guiyong
    Nonlinear modeling of wave–structure interaction for a flexible floating structure
    In: Ocean Engineering Vol. 300 (2024) 117489
  • Erbslöh, Andreas; Hain, Horst-Udo; Buron, Leo; Vegesna, Sahitya; Schiele, Gregor; Schmidt, Heidemarie
    Comparison of AI-enhanced Spike Sorting with Digital Autoencoders and Analog Memristors
    In: Proceedings of Workshop Biosignals / Workshop Biosignals; 28.02- 01.03.2024; Göttingen / Georg-August-Universität Göttingen (Eds.) 2024
  • Löhler, Philipp; Albert, Andreas; Heyermann, Laura; Schiele, Gregor; Seidl, Karsten; Erbslöh, Andreas
    Classification of ON- and OFF-Retinal Ganglion Cell Types in Extracelluar Recordings
    In: Proceedings of the Workshop Biosignals / Workshop Biosignals; 28.02- 01.03.2024; Göttingen 2024
  • Robinson-Enebeli, Stephen; Schulz, Christof; Daun, Kyle J.
    Investigating the absorption properties of metal nanoparticle aggregates during time-resolved laser-induced incandescence
    In: Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer Vol. 322 (2024) 109009