Frequently asked questions


  • Do I receive the lump sum for travelling before or after booking the flights?
    Everybody will receive the mentioned lump sum for travelling upon arrival in Essen; you have to pay your flight ticket in advance. All travel costs that exceed the lump sum cannot be reimbursed.
  • Will I receive the complete travel lump sum or a reimbursement for my actual travel costs ?
    You will receive the complete lump sum.
  • Would the flight still be funded if I want to extent my stay in Germany?
  • Do I have to pay for accommodation?
    When you arrive you will receive 750 € as a living allowance. From that money you pay your hotel and any additional living costs. Our experience is that this amount is far enough for two weeks of your stay.
  • How about hotel reservation?
    We will do the reservation for you after we got your confirmation of acceptance.
  • May I do sightseeing around Germany before or after the Summer School?
    We would like to encourage you to do so. You have to arrive in Essen on September 27th and stay until October 11th to participate in the summer school. The flight costs will be covered anyway, that means you can use your lump sum as you like. And you need the VISA for the period.
  • Where will the presentations take place?
    The presentation will take place in Essen, as part of the summer school. We will inform each participant about his/her topic soonish.
  • Will the presentations be part of another (2nd) selection procedure after being accepted? Or will the presentation be a part of activity related to study during the summer school?
    The presentations are part of the summer school program and NO selection! If you received a Letter of Invitation then you are an official participant. Every participant will be asked to prepare a short talk/presentation for the summer school. Specific topics, program and timetables are being developed by us and will be announced soon.
  • How/where do I get the funding?
    You will receive the funding in Germany. The lump sum for the flights as reimbursement, the daily allowance in advance. First off all, the daily alloance has to be used to pay the hotel. The rest can be used during your two weeks stay.
  • How much funding do I get?
    750 € dailay allowance
    the hotel is paid with this money. The overplus money is ment to pay your meals during the two weeks of summer school (Just bring a little pocket money, you won't need (much) money in addition).
    You do not have to pay for participating in this summer school.
    travel lump sum
    according to DAAD guidelines, depending on your actual country. Please understand that we cannot pay the difference to the actual travel costs.
    Thus, each participants receives cash of 750 € + travel upon your arrival.


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