• Wolfgang Mertin
      "Nanoanalysis of optoelectronic emitters with electrical scanning force microscopy
      MicroNanoReliability 2007, 2. -5. September 2007, Berlin


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Spin injection into semiconductors"
      International Summerschool on Magnetic Heterostructures and Nanomagnetism, Schwerte, 8.-13.7.2007


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Hybrid structures for spin injection and spin control"
      International Conference on II-VI semiconductors
      Jeju, Korea, 10.-14.9.2007


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Single quantum dots for single photon sources and spin memories"
      3rd German-Korean Workshop on Nanophotonics, Rothenburg, 21.-25.9.2007


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Local spin manipulation in nanostructured ferromagnet-semiconductor hybrids"
      International Workshop on Spin- and Optoelectronics, Berlin, 26.-29.9.2007

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