• Gerd Bacher
      "Nanomaterialien für die Optoelektronik und die Spintronik"
      Physikalisches Kolloquium, Universität Bremen, 11.12.2014


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Nanostrukturierte Lichtemitter – neue Ansätze für Automobilanwendungen?"
      1. Ruhr-Symposium: Funktionale Materialien, 22.10.2014, Duisburg


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Nanomaterials for Spintronics and Optoelectronics –basics properties to device applications"
      Seminar Talk, Seoul University, 17.10. 2014


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Nanophotonics on 2D, 1D and 0D materials – basic properties and device concepts"
      4th Korean-French-German Workshop on Nanophotonics, 12.-16.10.2014, Korea


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Nanomaterials in Optoelectronics - Chances and Challenges"
      OSRAM GmbH, Augsburg, 30.4.2014


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Carrier dynamics in GaInN/GaN quantum well and nanowire LEDs"
      E-MRS Spring Meeting, Lille, Frankreich, 25.-30.5.2014


    • W. Mertin, C. Alvarado, G. Bacher
      "Kelvin Force Microscopy on Graphene"
      5th International Conference “Novel Functional Carbon Nanomaterials”, Montecatini Terme, Italien, 15. – 20.06.2014


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Functional Nanostructures for Novel Light Emitting Devices"
      8th Joint Symposium on Opto- and Microelectronic Devices and Circuits (SODC), Frankfurt/Oder, 8.-12.9.2014


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Time-resolved and magneto-optical spectroscopy on magnetically doped colloidal nanostructures"
      E-MRS Fall Meeting, Warschau, Polen, 15.-19.9.2014


    • Gerd Bacher
      "Nanostructured light emitting devices for solid state lighting and communication"
      Sino-German Workshop on III-V Materials and Devices on the Nanometer Scale, Berlin, 8.-10.10.2014


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