Logistics Engineering (MEng)

Course Description

The international oriented master course Logistics Engineering has in its primary modules the aim of creating with the help of appropriate methods in logistic labs practically oriented logistic chains and optimising of the Supply Chains. Moreover it also includes exploration parallel to running or past projects.

Therefore it gives a substantiated and practical insight in logistics and its effects on traffic. Students will be offered an interdisciplinary study. It contains an engineering focal point and it is faculty comprehensive embedded in a wide field. The subjects are from diverse disciplines: Mechanical Engineering, information technology, communication technique, economic science, construction engineering, physics, geography and social sciences.

The course is based on the Credit Point System, which ist characterised through exams at the end of the semester. Approximately 50 % of the subjects will be offered in English language so that alumni can find their way in professional life with its internationally common vocabulary of concepts and thus are predestinated for the assignment in cross national projects. The course ends with the academic title Master of Engineering.


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Transportsysteme und -logistik