AquaSmarTech Group

Presentation AquaSmarTech



The AquaSmarTech student group was founded in 2015 as the university group of the international ISE master program „Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water“ (MTW³) at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Besides the organization of events and the mediation of internships and master’s theses, the AquaSmarTech group is the direct link between the chair “Mechanical Process Engineering/Water Technology” and the students from the study program MTW³.

AquaSmarTech will promote the following activities: 

  • Organization of excursions and training seminars in addition to the regular study program
  • Organization of specialist readings, workshops and pratical projects
  • Regulars‘ table
  • Establishing contact to the labour market
  • Improve online-presence
  • University group meetings
  • Cooperation with the DVGW and other university groups

AquaSmarTech has programmed an App for smartphones which can be downloaded for free in the “play store”. It allows the students to access directly and free of charge the activity program of the student group and ongoing news in the research field of water and waste water.