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Exam inspection for examinations of the past winter semester 2019/2020

Dear students,
For the inspection of exams of the Chair of Mechanical Process Engineering / Water Technology the following rules apply with immediate effect:

Please register for inspection by email to the examiner in charge:

„Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik“: hasan.idrees@uni-due.de
„Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik in der Wasseraufbereitung“:
„Membrane Technology in Water Treatment”:
“Water – Natural Science Fundamentals”: stefan.panglisch@uni-due.de
“Wassertechnik”: stefan.panglisch@uni-due.de
„Planung wassertechnischer Anlagen“: stefan.panglisch@uni-due.de
“Water Treatment 1”: stefan.panglisch@uni-due.de
“Water Treatment 2”: stefan.panglisch@uni-due.de
“Waste Water Treatment”: ralph.hobby@uni-due.de
“Management und Controlling in der Wasserversorgung und -entsorgung:

First of all, we would like to invite those who have not passed their exams. Therefore, please indicate in your email whether you have passed the exam or not.
You will then receive an appointment from us by email. Please wait punctually at the entrance of the MF building and wear a mouth and nose protector. Please keep a sufficient distance to other people everywhere! You will be picked up by a member of staff and go with him/her to the meeting room MF 169, where the examination will take place. In order to ensure a smooth and predictable process and to give all students the opportunity to inspect the exam, you will only have a maximum of 15 minutes per exam. If you need more time, a further appointment will be made with you.

The chair is part of the IEUV Institute for Energy and Environmental Process Engineering.

Our themes of interest in research and teaching are linked to the global water crisis and its resulting challenges. The key competences in research are membrane filtration and adsorption. We employ our competences to investigate 3 research fields: Exploitation of contaminated water resources, process optimization/simulation and circular economy.

The ongoing technological development calls for skilled engineers capable to operate in a responsible way within the field of water economy which becomes more complex every day. For this reason, we created in 2008 the international ISE master study program “Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water MTW³ “. Since then we supervised students from 28 countries and prepared them to their tasks as water specialists. In 2015 the student group AquaSmarTech was founded which helps to connect students and answers to numerous questions within the study program and also abroad.

We cooperate closely with the IWW Water Centre and the ZWU Centre for Water and Environmental Research. Furthermore, a wide network of industrial partners enables students to experience practical application of their knowledge during a practical work, bachelor or master thesis.

For questions and comments concerning this website please contact: Ralph Hobby

Chair for Mechanical Process Engineering / Water Technology

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CCRO as an innovative way of operating reverse osmosis
Martin Futterlieb und Professor Dr.-Ing Stefan Panglisch
wwt - wasserwirtschaft wassertechnik vom 30.06.2020
Here you can read the publication in German

Prof. Dr. Stefan Panglisch takes over the management of DGMT
Here you can read more in German

Networking for young water professionals:

DVGW Hochschulgruppe Duisburg-Essen - Deutscher Verein des Gas- und Wasserfaches

Die junge DWA - Deutsche Vereinigung für Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e. V.

BWK - die Umweltingenieure

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