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The following is a joint statement by the Rectorate, Senate Chair and AStA Chair, whose positions we fully share:

How do we want to live together?

Following the attacks on October 7, 2023, and the subsequent protests in Germany, including in our university cities of Duisburg and Essen, we are very concerned that members of our university also feel threatened and anxious. Hate slogans against different religious communities have appeared in various locations around the university. These cannot be regarded simply as "graffiti", as often portrayed in the press or social media, but as what they are: Hate speech. We are reporting these incidents to the police and involving the relevant authorities.

More so, it must be stated unequivocally: The University of Duisburg-Essen, in line with our self-understanding and values, is in every respect a space free of violence, guaranteeing all its members, whether students, lecturers, researchers or technical and administrative staff, a place of work and education where they can convene without fear.  The foundation of our shared principle "Offen im Denken” is tolerance, measured by our capacity to engage in non-violent debate with those who think differently from ourselves. In no way does this mean tolerance for racist or discriminatory insults. We pursue all forms of discrimination with the means available to us under the rule of law.

We share the assessment of Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, formulated in his highly acclaimed speech on November 2, 2023, that it is self-evident that Muslims living here are entitled to protection from right-wing extremist violence. We repeat here his words: "If attacked, this entitlement must be fulfilled". Equally so, this entitlement must be honored always when Jews are attacked. We all must distance ourselves clearly from anti-Semitism if our shared entitlement to tolerance is not to be undermined. Habeck’s words, our words: "There is no place for religious intolerance in Germany."

Tolerance and curiosity are the essence of university life worldwide. Taking an interest in the opinions of others, engaging in debates over discourses and self-critical expressions of doubt -- Could the other be right? – are constitutive of enlightened, scientific thought.

How do we want to live together? That is the question with which we began. We want to engage with each other as human beings, with respect and as equals, with civility especially when opinions differ, and always in a non-violent manner. In this spirit, we expect all of us to act to extend trust and safety to anyone expressing fear. The University of Duisburg-Essen is an open and safe space for all. With Theodor Adorno, we want to be able to be different without fear. 

Information about the courses of the Chair of Mechanical Process Engineering/Water Technology in the winter term 2023/24

Dear students,
you can find the current compulsory courses for the winter semester 2023/24  here.

The link to our Moodle courses: https://moodle.uni-due.de/course/view.php?id=42622

You receive the password for self-enrolment in Moodle in the lecture.

  Grit Hoffmann

Why study MTW3 in Duisburg?

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The chair is part of the IEUV Institute for Energy and Environmental Process Engineering.

Our themes of interest in research and teaching are linked to the global water crisis and its resulting challenges. The key competences in research are membrane filtration and adsorption. We employ our competences to investigate 3 research fields: Exploitation of contaminated water resources, process optimization/simulation and circular economy.

The ongoing technological development calls for skilled engineers capable to operate in a responsible way within the field of water economy which becomes more complex every day. For this reason, we created in 2008 the international ISE master study program “Management and Technology of Water and Waste Water MTW³ “. Since then we supervised students from 28 countries and prepared them to their tasks as water specialists. In 2015 the student group AquaSmarTech was founded which helps to connect students and answers to numerous questions within the study program and also abroad.

We cooperate closely with the IWW Water Centre and the ZWU Centre for Water and Environmental Research. Furthermore, a wide network of industrial partners enables students to experience practical application of their knowledge during a practical work, bachelor or master thesis.

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Dear all,

last year something unbelievable has happened and our very best Ralph Hobby passed away. It all happened much too suddenly and unexpected. We are all still very sad and think of him often.

Despite the sadness in our hearts, we think of all the positive encounters and hours with Ralph. And there are really many of them, as he was such an extraordinary and lovable person. He was always very friendly and well-adjusted, open-hearted to everyone and had a sympathetic ear for problems of all kinds. He helped everyone wherever he could. We miss him very much. With great gratitude, we say goodbye to Ralph who was not only our dear colleague, but also a friend to many of us.

We share the great loss with the family and the relatives and would like to express our deepest condolences.

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