Teaching courses within the Bachelor's - and Master's degree

The following modules in Bachelor's - and Master's degree are being provided at the Department of Urban Water and Waste Management.


Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering
1. Semester
Waste Management 1
5. Semester Urban Water Management 1
6. Semester

Urban Water Management 2

7. Semester

Bachelor Thesis


Master of Science Infrastructure and Environment

1. Semester


3. Semester

Environment 1
Environment 4
Waste Management 3
Waste Management 4
Urban Water Management 4
Urban Water Management 6
2. Semester

Environment 2

Environment 3

Waste Management 2

Environment 5

Urban Water Management 3


Master Thesis


Master Management & Technology of Water & Wastewater (MTW3)
1. Semester
Urban Water Supply and Distribution


Master Transnational ecosystem-based water management (TWM)
2. Semester
Waste Water Treatment


Master Energy and Environmental Engineering

1. Semester



Mechanical biological waste treatment