Prof. Ding's neues Buch

Advanced methods for fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control

After the first two books have been dedicated to model-based and data-driven fault diagnosis respectively, this book addresses topics in both model-based and data-driven thematic fields with considerable focuses on fault-tolerant control issues and application of machine learning methods. The major objective of the book is to study basic fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control problems and to build a framework for long-term research efforts in the fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control domain. In this framework, possibly unified solutions and methods can be developed for general classes of systems. The book is composed of six parts. Besides Part I serving as a common basis for the subsequent studies, Parts II - VI are dedicated to five different thematic areas, including model-based fault diagnosis methods for linear time-varying systems, nonlinear systems and systems with model uncertainties, statistical and data-driven fault diagnosis methods, assessment of fault diagnosis systems, as well as fault-tolerant control with a strong focus on performance degradation monitoring and recovering. These parts are self-contained and so structured that they can also be used for self-study on the concerned topics.