Welcome to the Niemeyer group!

2019 05 Group

​​​We are glad you found us!

Our junior research group was started in June 2014 at the Institute of Organic Chemistry at the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Our research interests are in the field of supramolecular chemistry, with the particular aim of generating functional supramolecular structures. We are excited to have started our independent research and to explore new aspects of supramolecular chemistry. Please see our research page for additional information.


Bachelor- and Master-theses 2019

We are always looking for interested students! If you are interested in Organic and Supramolecular Chemistry and would like to join our group for your Vertiefungs- or Analytikpraktikum or for your Bachelor- or Master-thesis, please contact Jochen Niemeyer (mail) directly! I am happy to tell you more about our research and about possible projects!

PhD and Postdoc-applications welcome!

Applications from highly motivated graduate students are always welcome! If you look for research opportunities in the field of organic synthesis and supramolecular chemistry, please contact Jochen Niemeyer directly (mail). I am happy to help with scholarship applications!

Master-lecture Supramolecular Materials

The master-lecture SupraMat starts on April 9th 2019 (16:15 - 17:45, room T03 R03 D89). The slides and more information can be found here.

Please join us if you interested in advanced supramolecular chemistry and its applications!



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