Coordinated Collection of Data and Comparative Analyses across Academic Disciplines and Study Programs

Elke Sumfleth, Detlev Leutner und Matthias Brand,
University of Duisburg-Essen

Scientific Assistants:
Jens Fleischer, Daniel Averbeck

This project investigates the relationship between predictors and outcome variables of studies success and if these relationships are mediated by learning strategies (e.g., management of resources) and studies satisfaction. It will also be tested if these relationships (direct and mediated) are moderated by distinct requirements linked to natural and technical sciences. As a result, a multidisciplinary model of studies success in natural and technical sciences is expected. This model will most likely be differentiated further with respect to specifics of single fields of study. This project conducts research which is central for the research unit as a whole and which goes beyond the research conducted in the particular projects, thereby emphasizing the added value of the research unit. This includes the collection of data in those academic disciplines and study programs that are jointly surveyed by the projects of the research unit as well as validating a comprehensive model of academic success. We expect that the project results in new insights into academic learning and studies success in the first phase of studies within the natural and technical science context


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