Small picture showing the poster announcing the screening with Bocafloja on May 20, 2019.

May 20, 2019 Film Screening and Discussion with Bocafloja

The multi-disciplinary artist and director Bocafloja (New York) is going to visit Essen this month and will present his latest performative documentary on racialized masculinities titled Bravado Magenta. Through self-cartography and storytelling the Afro-Latino artist, with a background in rap-music, addresses the construction of gender roles in the context of race and ethnicity in the Americas.
You are all cordially invited to the film screening and subsequent discussion which will take place on
May 20, 2019 at 4pm in S03 V00 E33.

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Bewerbung bis 1. Juli VDAC Stipendien in die USA zu vergeben

Der VDAC (Verband Deutsch-Amerikanischer Clubs) vergibt auch in diesem Jahr Stipendien für einen einjährigen Studienaufenthalt in den USA (auch in Verbindung mit einer Teaching Assistant Stelle im German Department der jeweiligen Uni). Bewerber können aus insgesamt 19 amerikanischen Universitäten wählen.

Infos zu Bewerbungsfrist, Unterlagen etc. unter und über

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The participants of 2019s RUDESA Spring Academy in front of Zeche Zollverein.

March 25-29,2019 Rudesa 2019

On March 25-29, 2019, German, Dutch, and American students took part in the 5th edition of the trinational Spring Academy RUDESA. The Nijmegen days have been dedicated to the critical analysis of memorial sites and performances (e.g. The Liberation Museum, the Canadian War Cemetery, the memorial walk on the Oversteek Bridge, and the tales of war veterans), with their ritualistic functions and intrinsic contradictions. The program included lectures and interventions by Prof. Els de Graauw (Baruch College, CUNY) and the human rights activist Jerry Afriyie. The Essen days have engaged two central concerns of the UDE American Studies Department: City Scripts and Ambiguity. The two research foci stem from the Graduate Research Group “Scripts for Postindustrial Urban Futures,” funded by VW, and the DFG Forschergruppe “Ambiguität und Unterscheidung: Historisch-kulturelle Dynamiken.” On Thursday, 28.03.2019, RUDESA participants met at the Zeche Zollverein, where the doctoral students of the Graduate Research Group “Scripts for Postindustrial Urban Futures” guided students through the Ruhr Museum and into group discussion on sustainable scripts, creative scripts, and inclusive scripts in Ruhrgebiet and US cities. At the end of the day, the keynote lecture by Prof. Gordon Sayre (University of Oregon) on “Thomas Jefferson, the Comte de Buffon, and the polemic over American Degeneracy” illuminated the comparable ways in which transatlantic transfers – whether of scientific knowledge or urban models – have been addressed in American history. On the UDE side, RUDESA was made possible with the kind support of the International Office, the Fakultät für Geisteswissenschaften, the Department of Anglophone Studies, and the Förderverein Universität Duisburg-Essen e.V.

Abbildungs des Handzettels, der zur Informationsveranstaltung des deutsch-amerikanischen Clubs Niederrhein über einen Studierendenaustausch in USA einlädt.

Info: Duisburg, February 21, 2019, 7 p.m. Interested in spending a year abroad? Be a cultural ambassador!

The Federation of German-American Clubs (VDAC) offers partial scholarships (in some cases linked to teaching assistantships) at a number of American universities. Several UDE Anglophone Studies students were awarded such scholarships in the past. VDAC's local chapter, the Deutsch-Amerikanischer Freundeskreis Niederrhein (DAFN) invites all who are interested in applying to an information meeting on February 21. Please refer to the attached flyer for more information.

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Graz International Summer School Seggau 2019 GUSEGG 2019


Graz International Summer School Seggau 2019 (GUSEGG)

For internationally oriented, highly motivated students from all disciplines and all levels.

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Portrait of hip hop artist Bocafloja.

Guest Lecture - November 15, 2018, 10:15 a.m. Bocafloja (The Bronx, New York): "Commodification of Dissent: Whiteness, Liberalism and the Neutralization of Hip Hop"

Invitation to a Guest Lecture by Hip Hop Artist, Filmmaker, Essayist, and Poet

Thursday, November 15, 2018
10:15 a.m.
S03 V00 E71

Bocafloja is a multi-disciplinary artist and activist working in music, film, poetry, photography, design, and theater. Decoloniality, third space theory, body politics, African diaspora in Latin America, and intersectionality are fundamental issues addressed in his work.

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Foto aufgenommen während der Verleihung der Ehrendoktorwürde an Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Peter Freese am 9. Januar 2015 am Campus Essen. (c) Insa Neumann
Professor Freese im Gespräch mit Professor Buchenau und Karina Wright. / (c) Insa Neumann

Guest Lecture - November 8, 2018 Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Peter Freese (U Paderborn): The American Dream: New Approaches to an Old Topic

Don't miss Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Peter Freese's guest lecture at UDE.

Thursday, November 8, 2018
6:15 p.m.
S05 T00 B08

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The picture shows a pair of hands on the keyboard of a netbook.

Weekly Writing Workshop | Summer 2018 Writing Practice in Anglophone Literary and Cultural Studies

Need a road map through Introduction to Literary Studies? Can’t find your spot on the Hermeneutic Circle? Finding yourself lost amongst the “aesthetically mediated references to reality,” the “poetic,” the “phatic,” the “metalingual?” Wondering whether “addresser” and “addressee” might occasionally be the same person?

The following course, Writing Workshop: Writing Practice in Anglophone Literary and Cultural Studies, Module A, will demystify these concepts and help you to improve your critical writing. There are four sections of this course:

Monday, 14-16  R12 T04 E96
Tuesday, 14-16 R12 R04 B11
Thursday, 14-16 R12 R04 B21
Thursday, 16-18 R12 R04 B11

Just appear in one of these if you wish to take the course, taught by Dr. Melissa Knox-Raab.

The poster shows the programme for the lecture series on heroism during summer semester 2018.

New Lecture Series "We don't need another hero?" Heroism in Contemporary Culture

Tuesdays 1pm (sharp) to 2pm
R12 R04 B21

Every Tuesday this summer semester, you will have a chance to learn about and discuss heroines, heroes and heroism in a new lecture series entitled "We don't need another hero?" Heroism in Contemporary Culture. Both members of the department and guest lecturers will delve into different facets of heroic figures ranging from Wonderwoman to One-Punch Man and Rambo.

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The poster shows the current program for ELMS.

New ELMS program

The English Language Movie Society (ELMS) is a group of students and staff that meet during the semester to watch movies in their original language. During the semester we meet every other Tuesday at 6 pm in room S05 T00 B83. Admission is completely free and everyone is welcome to come.

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The picture shows a team of eleven smiling scientists, among them professors as well as student assistants.

Volkswagen Foundation Awards Funding for Graduate Research School on the Transatlantic Reinvention of Postindustrial Urban Futures

It is a happy moment for a group of scholars who work together at the RuhrCenter of American Studies and the University Alliance Ruhr: Barbara Buchenau, Jens Martin Gurr, Josef Raab (University of Duisburg-Essen); Walter Grünzweig, Randi Gunzenhäuser (TU Dortmund); Kornelia Freitag and Michael Wala (Ruhr University Bochum). Within the framework of a unique call for applications called “Wissenschaft und berufliche Praxis in der Graduiertenausbildung” (Scholarship and Professional Practice in Graduate Programs), the Volkswagen Foundation has awarded funding for the establishment of a four-year graduate research school Scripts for Postindustrial Urban Futures: American Models, Transatlantic Interventions (2018-2022). Internships in the fields of city administration, urban development, culture, education, transport, and sustainable building and living will allow the humanities researchers involved to work in close contact with American and German companies and municipal authorities. The goal of the graduate research school is to discover what imaginative strategies and groundbreaking scenarios centers of old industries (steel, coal and cars) in the United States and Germany are devising to forge paths into their futures.​

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Kleines Bild des Handzettels mit dem das Institut für Anglophone Studien eine Veranstaltung zur einjährigen Amtszeit von Trump angekündigt.

Die Brücke | Campus Essen "One Year With Trump: Where Does the United States Go From Here?"

Monday, 22 January 2018, 6:30 p.m.
Die Brücke, Campus Essen

The event reflects on the first year of the Trump presidency beyond the headlines the new president himself provoked. Short talks by Christian Hunt, Evangelia Kindinger (RUB), and me will focus on issues, debates, and phenomena less prominent in the public. These topics may shape the future of the United States and offer a complex picture of American society behind the daily headlines today.

Studierende und Lehrende aller Fachrichtungen sind willkommen.
Diese Veranstaltung ist eine Kooperation mit dem Ev. Studierendenzentrum "Die Brücke" und der Evangelischen Studierendengemeinde Essen.

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