Elisabeth Haefs


Room: R12 S02 H02

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Tel.: 0201/183-3250

e-mail: elisabeth.haefs@uni-due.de


Biographical Information

Research Interests


Biographical Information

Elisabeth Haefs received her B.A. from the University of Siegen, and an M.A. in Anglophone Studies as well as Literature and Media Practice from the University of Duisburg-Essen (2018). She finished her studies with a thesis on narrativity in texts from scientific journals. Her dissertation project is tentatively titled “Scripts of Diversity Gardening: The Inclusive Green City Plot in Portland (Oregon) and Essen” as part of the graduate research group Scripts for Postindustrial Urban Futures: American Models, Transatlantic Interventions (UA Ruhr).

Research Interests

  • British Literature and Culture
  • American Studies
  • Urban Studies
  • Science and Literature

Publications and Guest Lectures

Conference Papers and Guest Lectures

“Scripts and Emplotment: A Theoretical Approach to Narrative in Urban Planning.” Narrative 2020 (International Society for the Study of Narrative). New Orleans, 6 March 2020.

“‘Another World is Plantable’: Urban Planning and Utopian Gardening.” (Un)Fair Cities: Equity and Ideology in Urban Texts. 2nd International ALUS Conference (Association for Literary Urban Studies). University of Limerick, 12 December 2019.

“The Pursuit of Truth: Quest Narratives in Scientific Journals.” Great Responsibility: Heroism in Anglophone Cultures. Lecture Series. University of Duisburg-Essen, 2 July 2019.

“Loops, Circles, Cycles: The Story of Time Crystals.” Spacetime SLSAeu (European Society for Literature, Science and the Arts). National Hellenic Research Foundation Athens, 26 June 2019.

“#Gameüse: Planting the Digital Garden.” Playing the Field II: Video Games, American Studies, and Space. KWI Essen, 18 May 2019.

“Narrative in Scientific Writing.” Where Science and Rules Break Down: Science in Contemporary Fiction. Seminar taught by Lioba Schreyer. Ruhr University Bochum, 24 April 2018.



(Under review): “#Gameüse: Planting the Digital Garden.” Playing the Field II: American Studies, Video Games, and Space. Ed. Dietmar Meinel. Berlin: De Gruyter, forthcoming.

(Under review): “‘Long ago, deep in space’: Narrating Gravitational Waves.” Narrative, Cognition and Science. Eds. Aura Heydenreich, Klaus Mecke and Michael Sinding. ELINAS Series. Berlin: De Gruyter, forthcoming.



2020    Graduate Student International Travel Award (International Society for the Study of Narrative)