Completed PhD theses


First supervisor: J.M. Gurr:

Elisabeth Haefs, Scripts of Community Gardening: The Inclusive Green City Plot in Portland (Oregon) and Essen (2023)

Lena Mattheis, Translocal Narratability in Contemporary Anglophone Fiction (2019)

Gregor Pudzich, Rewriting the Past, Pluralizing the Present: Renegotiating Canadianness in the Works of Dionne Brand, George Elliott Clarke and Lawrence Hill (2018)

Pierre Smolarski, Rhetorik des Designs: Rhetorische Dimensionen der Orientierung im urbanen Raum (2016) [Winner of the Best Dissertation Prize, Dies Academicus, 2010]

Utku Mogultay, The City and the Ruins of Modernity in Thomas Pynchon's Against the Day (2015)

Berit Michel, Mapping the City -- Narrating ,Complexity': Urban Space
in the Contemporary Urban Novel

Sandra Bühre, European Green Capital Award: A Study of the
Environmental Policy Approach of the European Union Using the Examples
of Stockholm and Hamburg

Roman Bartosch, EnvironMentality: Postcolonial Ecocriticism and the
Event of Fiction

Yvonne Klose, 'How had it ever happened here?' A Constructivist
Reading of Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 and its Role in the
Pynchon Canon

Jessica Zeltner, When the Centre Fell Apart: The Treatment of
September 11 in Selected Anglophone Narratives

Torsten Caeners, Poetry as Therapy: Contemporary Literary Theory as a
Foundation of Poetry Therapy
(2010) [Winner of the "Sparkassenpreis 2010" for Best Dissertation]

Stefanie Albers, Verbal Visuality: The Visual Arts in Contemporary
Anglophone Fiction

Victoria Beyer, The Subversive Comedy of Lenny Bruce and Andy Kaufman:
The Effect of Strategies of Humor within Contemporary Contexts and their
After-Effects in Film Biographies


Katja Bendels, White Africans? Negotiating Identity in White South
African Writing
(2009, co-supervised with Prof. Erhard Reckwitz)

Frauke Matz, "He simply went to pieces" Literarische Reaktionen auf
das Phänomen der Kriegsneurose bei Rose Macauly, Rebecca West, Dorothy
L. Sayers und Virginia Woolf
(2006, co-supervised with Prof. Elmar Lehmann)

Nils-Henje Redenius, Tragedy from the Seams of Modernity: Five
Readings in Elizabethan and Jacobean Tragedy
(2005, co-supervised with
Prof. Elmar Lehmann)