M. Sc. Environmental Toxicology (EnviTox)


Faculty Application Form

All applicants have to fill the following Faculty application form.

International students (all who did not do a Bachelor degree in Europe) have additionally fill an online application for the international office (see section "application").


Faculty Application Form

Lesson Plans

If you want to construct your personal Time Table for the following term, please check the electronic lecture catalogue at lsf.uni-due.de

Please choose the actual Term and have a look into Veranstaltung > Vorlesungsverzeichnis > Biologie.

Here you will find a folder "Environmental Toxicology" which includes all relevant lectures, its time tables as well as the room information.

As an alternative the student council of the Faculty is going to construct time tables out of the lsf informations which are soon downloadable under


Curriculum / Progress Plan

Curriculum Master EnviTox  (Current Version 2021)