Fair Play 2018

Workshop 2018

"Fair Play and Equal Chances at Higher Education Institutions. Diverse Perspectives from Germany, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine"

We invited applications for a workshop with the goal of developing a set of guidelines on corruption prevention for higher education institutions. The workshop, funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), took place in Brussels (Belgium) and Essen (Germany) from 09.07.2018 to 18.07.2018.

The workshop consisted of two parts:

I. Visit of European Institutions that set standards in good governance, higher education or research, such as the European Commission (European Anti-Fraud Office and Directorate General for Education and Culture).

II. Workshop in Essen, where the participants processed the obtained information in working groups as well as gained additional insight from researchers on corruption in higher education. As a result, the participants developed recommendations (Code of conduct) for higher education institutions on how to establish a level “playing field” across all phases of higher education.


Good English knowledge was required for all participants. This had to be documented together with the application, e.g. by a certified DAAD language test, writing skills demonstrated in the application form and a Skype interview after the application.


The workshop was dedicated to young scientists  and professionals in education from Germany, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. All participants had a completed Master degree. Applications from all subjects were welcome. Each applicant participated in the whole workshop. Applicants should not be older than 35 years. Twenty participants be funded. All expenses (travel, living expenses, and accommodation in a double room) were paid by the organizers.


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