EMPI - Reactive Fluids

Fundamental Understanding, Modeling and Simulation, Scale-up and Application

6th International Symposium on Gas-Phase Synthesis

(September 9-11, 2024)


Research Groups

Prof. Dr. Christof Schulz (Director Reactive Fluids)
Dr. Torsten Endres (Applied Spectroscopy)
Dr. Mustapha Fikri (Kinetic)
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kaiser (Imaging)
apl. Prof. Dr. habil. Hartmut Wiggers (Nanoparticles)


UDE Forschungstalente.de

Frau Prof. Dr. Doris Segets

Chemie- und Bioningenieurin, Faible für Nanomaterialien

stellt sich, ihr Team und ihre Forschung vor.

Zu den Filmen

Positionspapier Energiewende

A new position paper on the energy transition has emerged from intensive discussions among a group of more than fifty internationally renowned researchers working scientifically on chemically reactive flows and energy process engineering. The position paper shows how the energy transition can succeed together. It is also an appeal: Let us use the identifiable options and openly explore new ideas!

Energiewende: verlässlich, machbar, technologieoffen

New film: Insight into the research of the IVG

On the occasion of the “virtual orientation week” in the winter semester 2020, a short film has been created that provides an interesting insight into the laboratories of the IVG-RF.

To the film