Immigrant German Election Study (IMGES)

This is the project homepage of the Immigrant German Election Study.
Its first phase ran between 2016 and 2020 (#read more). It second phase started in 2021.


IMGES II focuses on effects of election campaigns among Germans with and without immigrant origin. For the first time, we are able to analyse how immigrant-origin voters react to the election campaigns with their electoral & campaign behaviour and how they respond to group-specific actions by parties, candidates, and political organisations as well as to media content.

Further information on IMGES I can be found here: IMGES I



An overview of the publications released as part of the project.

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An overview of the presentations published as part of the project.

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IMGES in the media

A selection of media reports relating to the IMGES project.

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PI the late Prof Dennis C. Spies (2016 -2021, passed)
Eulogy for Dennis Spies

PI Prof Achim Goerres (2016 – today)

Postdoc manager and PI Prof Sabrina S. Mayer (2016-2020, 2021 – today)

Project manager Jonas Elis

Project employee Manuel Diaz Garcia