Engine test bench with 220 kW

Testing the operating behavior of internal combustion engines is the common purpose of engine test stands. Various parameters like fuel consumption or exhaust gas behavior were generally measured as a function of torque and rotary speed and mapped in an engine performance map. One of the main focuses in the research work of the IVG, optical measurements in combustion systems, is systematically applied for in-cylinder investigations of the combustion process. Due to the application of an asynchronous machine as a brake it is possible to apply different test procedures. This enables us to run internal combustion engines under realistic conditions and examine new combustion processes under part and full load conditions and various rotation speeds. The engine test stand is used in research projects that contribute to the further development in the technology of internal combustion engines. The support of the research programs is either related to governmental or industrial funding.

The engine test stand is equipped with a four-quadrant dynamometer brake which is able to handle engines with a maximum power of 220 kW and a maximum speed of 9,800 rpm.  The engine control is realized by  test bed automation, data acquisition is realized by an indication system using industry standard devices. The test cell is connected to the adjacent laser laboratory via optical ports in the walls. This enables the application of comprehensive laser measuring techniques for internal diagnostics in combustion engines with optical access. Additional equipments are an air vessel with a volume of 400 liters for minimizing fluctuations in the intake air flow which is measured with a hot film anemometer. The fuel consumption is measured by balancing the fuel mass or by a continuous volumetric counter. Exhaust gas components like CO, CO2, NOx are detected by NDIR and residual hydrocarbons are measured by a FID. For soot measurements, Bosch smoke numbers, mobility particle sizers, particle counters, and laser-induced incandescence equipment is available.


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