Institute for Combustion and Gas Dynamics – Reactive Fluids

Prof. Dr. Christof Schulz (Director Reactive Fluids)
Dr. Torsten Endres (Laser Diagnostics)
Dr. Mustapha Fikri (Kinetics)
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kaiser (Internal Combustion Engines)
Prof. Dr. Doris Segets (Nanoprocessing)
apl. Prof. Dr. habil. Hartmut Wiggers (Nanomaterial Synthesis)


Prof. Hänel deceased

On November 29, 2020, we lost our colleague and friend
Prof. Dr.‐Ing. Dieter Hänel
* 1942  +2020

Dieter Hänel was professor at the University of Duisburg‐Essen from 1991 until 2008. His scientific work was dedicated to numerical fluid mechanics. His ideas were instrumental in the development of solution methods for compressible flows. His influence was even greater on the development of the Lattice‐Boltzmann methods, which he actively developed until his retirement. He dedicated the textbook "Molecular Gas Dynamics" to kinetic gas theory. His work as a university teacher and doctoral supervisor, his way of awakening curiosity and then allowing it to flourish in freedom, has inspired numerous students to pursue a career in science and an academic career as researcher and teacher.

Dieter Hänel will remain in our memories.

Our deepest sympathies go to his family.

Prof. Dr. Christof Schulz, Prof. Dr.‐Ing Andreas Kempf, Dr. Irenäus Wlokas, colleagues and  all members of staff at the IVG.

New Movie

In the context of the “virtual teaching” in 2020, a short movie has been produced that provides insight into the activities of the IVG-RF.

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