Open Postions and Research Opportunities

Master's and Bachelor's projects

The following list indicate current research topics. In case you are interested to do a research project within the topics of IVG but you do not find your "dream topic" below, please contact us anyway. We are an interdisciplinary team with engineers, physicists and chemists. Therefore, you can get involved in a wide variety of topics of cutting edge research.

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Master's project

Design of a standard flame for assessing the spatial resolution in flame emission tomography (07.05.2018)

Contact: Prof. Khadijeh Mohri


Master's project

3D Imaging by Background-Oriented Schlieren Tomography (03.05.2018)

Contact: Khadijeh Mohri


Bachelor's project

Tomo-hedgehog - precision 3D camera mount (20.03.2018)

Contact: Khadijeh Mohri


Master's project

Study the influence of non-ideal effects in shock tubes  (18.01.2018)

Contact: Dr. Mustapha Fikri                or            Dr. Damien Nativel


Bachelor's/Master's project

Flame bullet time movie production (06.12.2017)

Contact: apl. Prof. Dr. T. Dreier        or      Dr. Khadijeh Mohri








Student research project / project work

Student assistants