Bachelor Mechanical Engineering (Maschinebau)

The idea of the 7-semester bachelor degree in mechanical engineering is of a wide variety. In the first three semesters the students mainly learn the basics in mathematics, mechanics, natural sciences and technical representation; besides there are computer science, electrical engineering, material science and machine elements. From the fourth semester the students will have the possibility to decide which main focus to choose; according to their choice of profile the students are obliged to do the corresponding courses of the profile. In the Bachelor degree the following profiles are foreseen:

The Bachelor course should allow a certain setting of priorities, next to a solid basic education in mechanical and plant engineering. The bachelor qualifies for a profession whereas the master degree in mechanical engineering is seen as a regular course of study.

The graduates from the Bachelor degree course "Mechanical Engineering" master the fundamentals of natural sciences and are able to use them in combination with engineering methods for problems analysis purposes. They have learnt to formulate problems and to represent them in mathematically-physical models and therefore use computer-aided processes to analyze them. Through the choice of their specialization subjects or majors from the electives catalogue in the fifth and sixth semesters, a kind of “bridge” between the engineering fundamentals and the profession-oriented applications will be built. Through the E3-domain, the graduates acquire extra disciplinary or non-scholastic qualifications and will therefore be better qualified for the non-technical or soft skills needed for a future job. Through the “basic concepts-oriented” bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, the students are well prepared for several jobs in most different job areas.

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The bachelor degree course Mechanical Engineering was accredited by ASIIN.