Probability Seminar Essen

The seminar will start on November 3rd in form of video conference. Here you can find the link of the zoom-meeting.

To get the meeting ID and password, you can write an E-Mail to Dagmar Goetz.

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Nov 10 Matthias Erbar (University of Bielefeld)
Nov 17  
Nov 24 Zakhar Kabluchko (University of Münster)
Dec 1 Lukas Gonon (LMU)
Dec 8 Lisa Hartung (University of Mainz)
Dec 15 Jiequn Han (Princeton University)
Dec 22  
Jan 12 Eva Kopfer (University of Bonn)
Jan19 Gilles Bonnet (University of Bochum)
Jan 26 Christian Beck (ETH Zurich)
Feb 2 Alexander Drewitz (University of Cologne)
Feb 9 Felix Lindner, University of Ulm


Nov 10

Matthias Erbar (University of Bielefeld)
Optimal transport, stationary point processes, and log gases

Abstract: In this talk I would like give an overview of the topics and aims of the project "Optimal transport for stationary point processes" within the SPP "Random geometric systems". I will give a brief introduction of the classical theory of optimal transport for finite measures and will outline how we envision to develop a counterpart to this theory in the setting of stationary point processes. I will also present first results in this direction from joint work with M. Huesmann and T. Lebl\'e which apply ideas from optimal transport in the study of log gases. The one-dimensional log gas in finite volume is a system of particles interacting via a repulsive logarithmic potential and confined by some external field. When the number of particles goes to infinity, their macroscopic empirical distribution approaches a deterministic limit shape. When zooming in one sees microscopic fluctuations around this limit which are described in the limit by a stationary point process, the Sine_\beta process constructed by Valko and Virag. We show that this process can be characterized as the unique minimizer of a renormalized free energy by leveraging strict convexity properties of this functional along interpolations built via optimal transport.

Nov 24

Zakhar Kabluchko (University of Münster)
Random beta tessellations

We shall define and study several families of random tessellations of the Euclidean space, the sphere and the hyperbolic space that generalize the classical Poisson-Voronoi and Poisson-Delaunay tessellations. The talk is based on a joint work with Anna Gusakova and Christoph Thäle.

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Tuesdays, 16:15–17:15

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Organizer: Anita Winter