(Plug-In-, Range-Extender- und Elektrofahrzeuge unter realen Mobilitätsumständen: Infrastruktur, Umweltbedingungen und Marktakzeptanz)

The research project PREMIUM is designed as a large fleet project with a comprehensive view of the entire user spectrum. In addition to the surveying of 60 private customers by the project partners BMW & University of Passau and a further partner - Alphabet Fuhrparkmanagement, they delivered a total of 656 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to fleet customers of all company sizes. The vehicles are used and tested everyday in the operational fleets. A survey technique is used in a total of 350 vehicles, which provides detailed data on the individual journeys as well as the prevailing ambient temperature. The latter is of great importance in particular for the energy requirement of the electrified vehicles and thus for the realizable electrical range. The data are collected at the Chair of Mechatronics and form the basis for the further use of simulation programs. This makes it possible to obtain detailed information on the suitability of (partial) electric vehicle drives for energy requirements, vehicle costs and environmental impacts in real operation.

In analogy to the private customer sector, car surveys are carried out at the Fuhrparkmanager , as well as some vehicle users. Together with the survey data, further conclusions can be drawn about user acceptance and actual customer requirements.

The project consortium is rounded off by the University of the Bundeswehr in Munich. At the Chair of Traffic Engineering, up-to-date traffic information is recorded and used for a more accurate coverage of the range as well as for the development of energy-efficient traffic information.

The total budget of the project is € 11 million, of which around € 4.8 million is funded as part of the "Renewable Mobile" research program, which is funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Construction and Nuclear Safety (BMUB).

Project duration: 36 months (2014 - 2016)

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