Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kirchartz


Prof. Dr. Thomas Kirchartz

Consultation Hour: on appointment

Room: NETZ - LN 3.21 (Duisburg)

+49 203 379 8183 (Duisburg)
+49 2461 61 96500 (Jülich)


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Curriculum Vitae

Born: 14.1.1982 in Karlsruhe

2001 – 2006 University of Stuttgart: Dipl. Ing. Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
2006-2008 Research Centre Jülich: PhD student in the IEF5 Photovoltaics
2009 RWTH Aachen: Dr. Ing. in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Professional Experiences:
2009-2010   PostDoc at the IEF5-Photovoltaics, Research Centre Jülich
2010-2013 Imperial College Junior Research Fellow, Blackett Laboratory of Physics, Imperial College London (Group of Prof. Jenny Nelson)
Since 2013   Head of Division Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics, IEK5-Photovoltaics, Research Centre Jülich
Since 2013 Professor (W2) at the University Duisburg-Essen (joint appointment with Research Centre Jülich)
Research Interests:  
  organic and hybrid (organic-inorganic) solar cells
  electrical and optoelectronic characterization of thin-film solar cells as e.g.
  • Electroluminescence spectroscopy
  • Transient photovoltage and photocurrent measurements
  • detailed analysis of current/voltage curves, interpretation of ideality factors
  • capacitance measurements
  drift-diffusion simulations of thin-film solar cells
  • steady state
  • frequency dependent simulations to better interpret capacitance measurements