Contact - Astrophysics - Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wurm

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wurm (Group Leader)
Tel.: 0203 379 1641

Rosa Esteban García (Administration)
Tel.: 0203 379 2841
Fax: 0203 379 1965


Fakultät für Physik
Universität Duisburg-Essen
Lotharstr. 1
47057 Duisburg

Arrival by train

At Duisburg main station cross over to the underground station. It is easiest to follow the U-signs at the track right to its very end. The U-901 leaves from U-track 3 in direction Mülheim or Zoo / Uni. Get out after 3 stations (~5 min) at Zoo / Uni. You find us in the M-complex, which is located in the round buildings on the left side just 100 m back from where the train came. Follow the signs to MD (4th floor, MD 422-431).