Experimental Astrophysics - Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wurm - Welcome

Our research activities are centered on planets and their formation. In ground based laboratory experiments, in microgravity and in (computer) models these studies range from sticking properties of nanometer-sized ice particles in protoplanetary disks and formation of km-size planetesimals to photophoresis and dust devils on Mars and the formation of iron rich planets like Mercury.

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Astronomy for students

The observatory on the MD-building offers the opportunity for students to perform own astronomical observations and learn image processing techniques within the advanced practical courses at the Faculty of Physics. The observatory is equipped with a 14'' Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope (Celestron 14'' Edge-HD) and a cooled CCD-camera (Atik 383L). Depending on the object of interest different optical filters like LRGB-filters or line filters (Ha, Hb, OIII, SII) are available.​

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This image of the Dumbbell nebula (M 27) was taken during a practical course.