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Our research activities are centered on planets and their formation. In ground based laboratory experiments, in microgravity and in (computer) models these studies range from sticking properties of nanometer-sized ice particles in protoplanetary disks and formation of km-size planetesimals to photophoresis and dust devils on Mars and the formation of iron rich planets like Mercury.

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ARISE: An Experiment on Board of the ISS
Our group built a small (10x10x15 cm) autonomous experiment that was running on the International-Space-Station for two months in 2018. The ARISE experiment is meant to study the influence of tribocharging or static charges on the agglomeration process of small particles – this could close a gap in the understanding of the planet forming process. Furthermore, we were able to perform some experiments on the behavior of granular matter with ARISE.​Alexander Gerst und Arise
Caption: Alexander Gerst with the three Überflieger-experiments f.l.t.r ARISE, EXCISS und PAPPELL (CC.: NASA)



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