AG Schleberger Lab equipment


The Schleberger group operates a variety of UHV-setups with in situ surface preparation techniques such as heating, sputtering, ovens for epitaxy and deposition of molecules.

Scanning probe microscopes:

  • Veeco Dimension 3100 (ambient conditions, together with AG Horn von Hoegen)
  • Omicron RT-STM/AFM UHV with RHK SPM-1000 & PLL Pro2
  • Omicron VT-STM/AFM UHV with Matrix controller
  • RHK VT-AFM UHV 750 with R9 controller and optical access for micron-sized samples


  • MCP LEED and standard LEED
  • Spectra X-ray source
  • Staib DESA-100 electron spectrometer for AES and XPS
  • Renishaw InVia Raman spectrometer

Beamline for highly charged ions:

  • Soon: UHV-setup equipped with Dresden EBIS ion source for the production of highly charged ions up to Epot = 66 keV, e.g. Xe46+, charge state separation, deccelaration stage (1 keV*q), ToF-analysis and VUV-laser for post-ionization
  • Dresden EBIT ion source for the production of highly charged ions up to Epot = 45 keV, e.g. Xe42+ mounted to a UHV scanning probe microscope for in-situ analysis of HCI induced defects

Experiments with swift heavy ions are conducted at the

  • GANIL/CIMAP in France (IRRSUD, SME, ARIBE) in collaboration with H. Lebius
  • GSI in Darmstadt (permanent STM/AFM setup at the M-branch) 
  • RBI in Croatia in collaboration with M. Karlusic

HICS setup consisting of 1: EBIT, 2: Extraction system, 3: Magnet, 6: Irradiation chamber