Due to the Corona crisis, Oliver Schwarz is currently working from home office and can be reached by e-mail only. All courses and consultation hours in the summer semester will be held online until further notice. More information on the courses can be found in the LSF and on Moodle. The consultation hours are held via Skype.

2 November 2020 Consultation hours

The consultation hours of Oliver Schwarz for the winter semester 2020/21 are now set and can be booked as usual via Doodle. All appointments will take place via BigBlueButton.

21 October 2020 Blog article

Read now the new contribution of Oliver Schwarz on the blog Der (europäische) Föderalist on the topic "Compromise with Potential: The Conference on the Future of Europe". The article was written as part of the series "New momentum for democracy" on the blog.

13 October 2020 Progress Report Monitor

On 6 October 2020, the European Commission has published its latest progress reports for the Western Balkans and Turkey. The Progress Report Monitor shows the current status and progress achieved by each country in the enlargement process. It shows in detail who performs well and which policy areas challenge the candidates. Please finde the latest edition of the Progress Monitor here.

30 September 2020 Brexit

In his new article for Oliver Schwarz analyses the role of the European Parliament with regard to Brexit. According to Article 218 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, any agreement with the United Kingdom requires the consent of the MEPs and all institutions involved would do well to listen to the Parliament. But can the Parliament, with its different political groups, be perceived as a player at all? The analysis of voting behaviour in the EP shows: When it comes to Brexit, the Parliament acts in a unified and united manner. Please finde the article here.

17 July 2020 Skype consultations

The consultation hours of Oliver Schwarz during semester break are available online on Doodle. To make an appointment, please click here.

2 July 2020 Blog article

Read the new article by Oliver Schwarz on the blog of the DVPW working group on university teaching on the topic "Teaching in times of crisis: from zero to one hundred, from presence to digital" (in German).

25 June 2020 Digital taster day

Interested in studying political science at the University of Duisburg-Essen? On Tuesday, 14 July, the Institute is offering a digital taster day with the participation of Oliver Schwarz. You can register here.

7 June 2020 Quality conference

As part of the quality conference on "Teaching in the crisis - dealing with inequalities and efficiency" on 24 June at the Faculty of Social Sciences via Zoom, Oliver Schwarz will give a short lecture on social science teaching in times of the corona pandemic. The conference will be held via Zoom.

26 May 2020 New publication

The 2019 European Parliament Elections and Brexit: Business as Usual?
Die Europawahl 2019. Ringen um die Zukunft Europas
Doi: 10.1007/978-3-658-29277-5_31

This chapter focuses on the implications of Brexit for the European Parliament. It will start by evaluating the new distribution of seats and then explore the changes of political groups. Finally, the chapter will showcase some key decisions made in recent years and simulate how these would have looked like without British MEPs. Shedding light on the Parliament’s role in the withdrawal process, the chapter demonstrates that the EP is not just an object of Brexit. It has the democratic mandate and political power to oversee Brexit and to shape the future relations between the EU-27 and the UK.

20 April 2020 Skype consultations

With the start of the summer semester, Oliver Schwarz's office hours will be held weekly on Wednesdays from April 29 to July 15 between 10 and 11 a.m. Due to the Corona crisis, the office hours will be held via Skype only until further notice. An appointment can be made via Doodle.

5 February 2020 SOG annual conference

From 20 to 22 February Oliver Schwarz will participate at the annual conference of the Southeast Europe Association (SOG) in Munich. Further information on the conference can be found here.

31 January 2020 Consultation hours

The consultation hours of Oliver Schwarz during semester break are available online on Doodle. To make an appointment, please click here.

21 January 2020 New publication

Arthur Benz/Stephan Bröchler/Hans-Joachim Lauth (eds.)
Handbuch der europäischen Verfassungsgeschichte im 20. Jahrhundert
Bonn: Dietz 2020
ISBN 978-3-8012-4251-0

In a contribution to an edited volume on modern constitutional history in Europe, Oliver Schwarz analyses the constitution in Slovenia both in its formal and material sence. The chapter was co-authored with Susanne Pickel.

8 January 2020 Southeast Europe Association

On 14 January, Prof. Dr. Simona Kustec (University of Ljubljana) will give a speech on the topic "The End of Democracy? Populism and Political Parties in Transition Democracies". The event is organised by the Southeast Europe Association (SOG). All people interested are welcome. For more information, please click here.

7 January 2020 Debating final

On Thursday, the 16 January, the grand final of the debating competition "NRW debattiert Europa" will take place at the University of Duisburg-Essen. For more information, please visit or follow the hastag #NRWdebattiertEuropa on Twitter.

7 January 2020 Public lecture on EU membership policy

On 9 January, Oliver Schwarz will give a public lecture on the membership policy of the European Union. The lecture takes place in the framework of the course "Introduction to European integration" by Prof. Dr. Michael Kaeding. All are welcome at this public lecture.

9 January 2020 | LX1203 (Campus Duisburg) | 12:00

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