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Indira Tendolkar started her research career focusing on the so-called declarative memory system, the neural circuit that enables us to remember consciously past events and facts- a crucial ability in every-day life. To this end, IT has developed novel experimental designs testing neutral and emotional forms of declarative memory using a wide array of electrophysiological and neuroimaging methods. While exploring the fundamental cognitive neuroscience of emotional and non-emotional forms of declarative memory in one line of research, IT has also focused on the causal relationship between a dysfunction of this memory system and the most common psychiatric disorders. In Nijmegen, I. Tendolkar has set up a line of research aiming to identify the brain regions related to the development and maintenance of affective disorders and depression in particular. Initially, IT´s research group focused on structural and functional changes of the declarative memory system early in the course of depression. Next, I. Tendolkar and her group extended their work unraveling the neural underpinnings of chronic and even treatment resistant depression. Her group provided first evidence that the functional activity of brain regions mediating declarative memory is altered both as a function of state or trait early in the course of depression. Moreover, IT has been able to extend ongoing research on the neural correlates of memory bias in depression by showing that remitted patients still show a reduced neural capacity to memorize positive events within the amygdala, a finding that can help optimizing cognitive behavioral therapies of depression and recently has initiated a line of research related to cognitive bias modification and development of possible e-health applications. Using structural and resting state MRI techniques, the research group has focused on chronic depression in particular en for example the effects of ECT. Together with colleagues from the US and Norway IT has founded an international ECT consortium dedicated to unravel the neurobiological mechanisms of action. Over the last years IT has investigated vulnerability for stress-related mental disorders across the life span by conducting several studies related to the neurocognitive impact of childhood adversity on the one hand and the effects of healthy and pathological aging on the other hand. Finally over the last year IT has extended her stress related research in collaboration with researchers from the cancer theme of the Radboudumc to investigate impact of acute stress in hematology oncology and prostate cancer.

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Interim-Head of the consultation psychiatry of the UMC St Radboud with the supervision of an interdisciplinary team of 1 psychiatrist and one general practitioner during specialization, 2 advanced nurse practioner’s and one nurse

specific expertise
being a neurologist and psychiatrist by training IT has developed a specific expertise in the top specialism of neuropsychiatry in particular focusing on neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease. In 2006 she developed the psychiatric screening at the local Parkinson Day Clinic, an internationally recognized Center of Excellence. Over the last five years she has implemented specific patient care for old age psychiatry and set-up an outpatient clinic for old age psychiatry. From May 2015 onwards she has focused her clinical work on the consultation psychiatry within the RUMC where she supervises in particular the neuropsychiatric and old age psychiatry consultations. From her longstanding research expertise within stress-related mental disorders, IT has embarked on a collaboration with the Department of surgery/MITEC to investigate the aspects of healing environment on course and outcome of surgical diagnostics and intervention and integrate this into patient care. Recently she has started a collaboration with the Department of hematology-oncology to apply short cognitive interventions in patients with acute distress symptoms

Memberships of professional societies

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at local level

  • 2008- 2016 Member of the Regional Medical Ethical Commission (Arnhem-Nijmegen), now advisor
  • 2018- Board member Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior

at national level

  • 2016-2018 Director of the concilium psychiatricum of the NVvP
  • 2014-2016 Member of the plenary visitation committee of the NVvP
  • 2016- Member of the ZONMW Veni committee
  • 2015- Ad Hoc member of other ZONMW committees ( including Top subsidie)

at international level

  • Member of the Board of Professors and Associate Professors of the Medical  Faculty of the University of Essen-Duisburg
  • Steering board member of an international consortium on neurobiology of electroconvulsive therapy ( GEMRIC)

Reviewing for and editorships of scientific journals

Associate Editor

  • Human Brain Mapping

Guest Editor

  • Dutch Journal of Psychiatry

Ad hoc reviewer

  • Acta Scand Psychologica, American Journal of Psychiatry, Biological Psychiatry, Brain, Brain Research,  DFG (German Research Council), Hippocampus, Molecular Psychiatry, NeuroImaging, Neuropsychologia,  International Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Psychiatry Research, U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation, Schizophrenia Research, ZonMW (Dutch Health Research Council)

Scientific Organizer

  • 46. Annual Meeting of the German Society for Clinical Neurophysiology and Functional Brain Imaging in Bonn, October 3rd to 7th 2001 (Co-organizer)
  • “Cognitive Neuropsychiatry Meeting” in Nijmegen, April 12th to 13th, 2005 (Co-organizer)
  • Symposium at the annual meeting for Dutch Psychiatrists about the neurobiology of depression in Maastricht, April 11th to 13th, 2007
  • Symposium at the annual meeting for Dutch Psychiatrists about structural MRI in Psychiatry in Amsterdam, April 10th to 12th, 2008
  • Symposium at the annual meeting for Dutch Psychiatrists about structural MRI in Psychiatry in Amsterdam, April 1st to 3rd, 2009
  • Local Psychiatry Symposium Nijmegen, June 9th 2009: “Cognitive Neuroscience in Psychiatry”
  • Symposium at the annual meeting for Dutch Psychiatrists about functional and structural brain changes in depression in Maastricht, March 31st to April 1nd, 2010
  • Symposium at the annual meeting for Dutch Psychiatrists about vulnerability factors of depression in Amsterdam, March 30th to April 1st, 2011
  • Symposium on neuromodulatory therapies at the annual meeting of the Society of Applied Neurosciences, January 31st, 2014
  • Symposium on aging in Apeldoorn, January 29th, 2015
  • Symposium on the Neuroplasticity induced by electroconvulsive therapy at the human system level Society for Biological Psychiatry in Toronto, March 14th to 16th, 2015
  • Symposium at the annual meeting for Dutch Psychiatrists about bias modification training in depression in Maastricht, March 30th to April 1st, 2016
  • Symposium on multimodal imaging of electroconvulsive therapy at the human system level Society for Biological Psychiatry in San Diego, May 18th to 20th, 2017
  • Symposium on multimodal imaging of electroconvulsive therapy at the human system level Annual Meeting of Human Brain Mapping in Singapore, June 17th to 20th, 2018

Invited lectures


  • Invited lecture at the Open Day 07/2005 of the Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging Nijmegen
  • Invited lecture at the second A. Guiora Annual Roundtable Conference in the Cognitive Neuroscience of Language Max-Planck-Institute Nijmegen 10/2007
  • Invited lecture at the Dutch Figon days 10/2012
  • Invited lecture at the Dutch Neurological Association 02/2013
  • Invited lecture at the translational Neuroscience NetworkConference 10/2018
  • Invited lecture at the Shared care symposium on depression 02/2019


  • Invited lecture at the “Neuroscientific Symposium of the University of Cologne” 10/2006
  • Invited lecture at the “World Congress of Biological Psychiatry” 05/2011
  • Invited lecture at the Neuroscientifc meetings of the University of Göttingen 05/2015
  • Invited lecture at the Medical Imaging Conference in Trondheim, Norway 11/2016
  • Invited lecture at the annual symposium of the Erwin L. Hahn Institute in Essen, Germany 11/2017

Experience abroad