Overview of project A04

Photoinduced Non-Equilibrium Dynamics in Molecular Adsorbates: From Ensemble to Single-Molecule Experiments


The influence of the local environment on the photoinduced non-equilibrium dynamics of molecules, specifically the intramolecular proton transfer in 2-(2‘, 4‘-dinitrobenzyl)pyridine (-DNBP), is investigated. For label- and contact-free monitoring of this process, we employ femtosecond time-resolved surface-enhanced nonlinear vibrational Raman scattering in combination with plasmonically highly active nanoantenna dimers and develop this method further towards single-molecule detection.

2022_Bild A04

Figure: Molecular, optical stimulation (left) and time-resolved probe with raman scattering of the molecules in a nano structure for field amplification (right).



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