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Artificial Intelligence - how can we use it? (confirmed, by Gérald Kämmerer)

Science Communication (confirmed, by Nicolas Wöhrl and Peter Kohl (Project Ö))

Team and project management (confirmed, by Dr. Arlena Jung)


Scope of the Workshops:

Science Communication and Social Media for Scientists - what, where and why? (english)

Twitter, Instagram, maybe even TikTok? A science slam or a public talk? The number of
social media channels or formats we can use for science communication are constantly
increasing. But if you start doing scicomm, do you really need to be on every channel, do
you need to use every format? In this workshop we want to talk with you about the different
possibilities, the time required by the different platforms, but also the skills you need. We
also look at the specific advantages of the different formats.

We will not just talk and show things, we also want to work with you on different aspects of taking pictures and videos, as well as podcasts.

This hands-on workshop offers an introduction to the following topics:

  • Overview of different social media channels, e.g. Instagram, Twitter and TikTok
  • Insights into professional platforms like LinkedIn and Researchgate
  • Practical training in taking pictures and videos for social media
  • Hands-on experiences with podcasts

Team and project management

Characteristic of scientific work is a relatively high degree of creative freedom with a variety of demanding requirements. In order to make effective use of the opportunities this brings, strong time and self-management skills are required. What the right time management tools and practices are depends on the specific research field. But it is also a question of individual personality structure and needs. In this workshop you will learn about different time management tools. Together with the other participants you will develop time management routines that are adapted to your specific context. You will learn to consider the formulation of goals and the definition of priorities as an important competence, especially in a complex environment characterized by high performance demands. You can look forward to an interactive and content-rich day.


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