Ph.D. Retreat 2024 (08.04.2024-11.04.2024)


The program can be found here.

Scope of the Workshops:

Motivation management by Kathrin Hombach

• Motivation and its influencing factors
• Maintaining and boosting motivation
• Self reflection on individual needs and deriving respective motivational levers
• Awareness and avoidance of procrastination
• Techniques to maintain focus
• How to get out of a “unmotivated” hole
• Exchange of experiences

Voice and speech by Christina Branner Jespersen

• Status quo: the voice as an auditive (visiting)card
• Anathomy of the voice: overview of the vocal and respiratory system
• Individual presentations
• The vocal toolbox
• Vocal sound experiments
• Wellness area „Vocal Health“: preventive and curative measures conservating and strengthening the voice
• Individual presentations (including recordings, feedback, analysis of the before/after effect)

Thesis defense training by Philipp Gramlich

The big day is coming: you will be called doctor soon! Before that, you´ll have to pass your final exam, the PhD defense.

• Stage fright: you need the adrenaline, but please not too much!
• Who is your audience anyway: can you satisfy a heterogeneous bunch of professors all at the same time?
• How to be understandable and relevant
• Q&A session
• Can you trigger (constructive/ easy) questions?
• How can you prepare for it?
• Question types and answering strategies
• How can you respond to questions I can't answer?
• Stress questions and universal answering tactics



Akademie Biggesee
Ewiger Str. 7-9
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