This summer school is focused on many particle ground states and excitations in bulk and low-dimensional systems such as graphene and quantum dots. Interactions between electronic, photonic, and phononic excitations will determine the relaxation pathways after an initial stimulus. We will present theoretical approaches and ultrafast spectroscopic tools to investigate the non-equilibrium dynamics of light-matter interaction in the time domain.

Invited Speakers

  • Fabio Caruso (CAU Kiel) "Phonons, electron-phonon interactions, and their ultrafast dynamics"
  • Henrik Till Lemke (SWISSFEL) "Out-of-equilibrium insights into condensed matter using Free Electron Lasers"
  • Doris Reiter (TU Dortmund) "Quantum Dots - Why they behave as two-level systems and how to use them as photon source?"
  • Helene Seiler (FU Berlin) "Ultrafast in the lab to probe nanomaterials"
  • Stephan Winnerl (HZDR) "Graphene and Other 2D Materials: Basics and Light-Matter interaction"
  • Ralf Schützhold (HZDR) "Quantum (anti) Zeno effect in quantum dots" and "Strongly correlated electrons in the Fermi-Hubbard model"


A pdf of this year's program can be found here.


Childcare Option

The CRC 1242 offers childcare to all participants. If you need childcare, please contact Dr. Christine Koch.

Haus Silberbach
Sommerhauer Str. 1-5
95100 Selb