Ahmed Elbanna

Bachelor student Ahmed Elbanna

Email: ahmed.elbanna@stud.uni-due.de

Related project: RIMA

Supervisor(s): M.Sc. Shoeb Joarder

Thesis topic: Visually Comparing Researchers in Conference Insights

Description: This thesis focuses on enhancing the Author Insights and Compare Authors modules within the Conference Insight feature of the RIMA project. Its primary objective is to collect and analyze user requirements to pinpoint the most effective interactive visualizations. By leveraging data derived from academic conferences, the project aims to provide nuanced, visually engaging insights into individual authors' research metrics and to facilitate a comprehensive comparative analysis across various authors. The Author Insights module is crafted to offer an in-depth view of an author's publication impact and trends within diverse conferences, enabling a thorough exploration of their academic influence. In contrast, the Compare Authors module is designed to allow for a comparison of research outputs and impacts, using various interactive charts to deliver a detailed and comparative perspective on the author's contributions across conferences. Through these enhancements, the thesis seeks to significantly improve the way researchers can visualize and analyze academic achievements and trends within specific conferences.

Thesis duration: 02/2024 – 05/2024