Technology-enhanced, student-centered learning


We offer lectures, seminars, and practical courses in learning technologies, web technologies, data science and visual analytics for students of Applied Computer Science, Komedia, and ISE at bachelor and master level. We teach how data analytics and visualization can open up new ways of interactions in social media, in learning environments and at the workplace. We follow a technology-enhanced, student-centered learning approach, by giving students the opportunity to learn self-paced, project-oriented and active in groups, mediated by technology-enhanced learning environments. Our students can thus get familiar with a self-regulated, inquiry- and problem-based approach to learning that can drive their practice when they graduate from university.

Current Courses (Summer Semester 2022)

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Open Theses




Master's Thesis (Komedia) Effects of Personal Characteristics on the Perception of an Explainable Recommender System M.Sc. Mouadh Guesmi
Master's Thesis (Komedia) An Evaluation Framework for Visually Explainable Recommender Systems M.Sc. Mouadh Guesmi
Master's Thesis Spark-based Indicator Execution in OpenLAP M.Sc. Shoeb Joarder
Master's Thesis Supporting Indicator Reuse and Recommendation in OpenLAP M.Sc. Shoeb Joarder
Master's Thesis A Toolkit for xAPI-based Data Collection in OpenLAP M.Sc. Shoeb Joarder
Master's Thesis Privacy-Preserving Learner Data Management in OpenLAP M.Sc. Shoeb Joarder

Additional topics in the areas of data science, learning analytics, visual analytics, explainable recommendation, and human-AI interaction are available on request.

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