Swarna Sri Teja Rampalli

Swarna Sri Teja Rampalli

Master thesis student

Email: swarna.rampalli@stud.uni-due.de

Thesis topic: Conference Insights: Visual Exploration of Topics and Trends in Conference Data

Related project: RIMA

Supervisor: M. Sc. Mouadh Guesmi

Thesis duration: 06/2020 - 12/2020



Conference data (topics, papers, authors, etc.) is considered as a rich source of information. Over time, the generated data is increasing which might lead to difficulties in finding papers and authors with similar interests. Specifically, getting insights from this data is a complex task that requires expertise, effort, and time. Visual analytics which integrates the analytic capabilities of the computer and the abilities of the human analyst, facilitated by interactive visual interfaces has the potential to help researchers get useful insights into conference data.

The aim of this thesis is to bring together concepts and techniques from NLP (i.e. topic modeling, Word embeddings), machine learning, and information visualization to get insights into conference data to support e.g. awareness, self-reflection, and recommendation.