Volkan Yuecepur

Volkan Yuecepur

Master thesis student

Email: volkan.yuecepur@stud.uni-due.de

Thesis topic: Learning Analytics to Support Novice Programmers' Self-Regulated Learning

Related project: RIMA

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amine Chatti

Thesis duration: 03/2020 - 09/2020



This master’s thesis is about improving the monitoring accuracy of programming beginners in order to promote and improve metacognitive awareness self-regulated learning behavior. Beginning programmers are often not able to independently design, monitor and adapt their learning process to problems that arise. They lack the necessary mental models, problem solving skills or motivation to continue learning in order to overcome learning difficulties. Often the skills they have learned are also overestimated, which can also lead to problems. Learning Analytics is a method and a tool with the potential to improve the observation skills of beginners with the help of easily understandable visualizations of their learning process. Often Learning Analytics Dashboards are used which try to increase the awareness of learners by visualizing important indicators for learning processes. Human-centered Design is a methodical design approach that focuses on the user to make design decisions. This is to ensure that the software to be developed is well understood by the user and covers his needs as well as possible. This approach has recently been tested in the context of Learning Analytics projects. This work will also follow this approach in order to generate added value for the students. In this work, interviews were conducted, workshops were conducted and an online survey was evaluated to design a final prototype that will serve as a requirement base for the development of a Learning Analytics Dashboard.